Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flannery's first trip to the Emergency Room.

Yes, we had a bit of a scare this morning. Flannery was in the bed with us this morning and woke up and crawled right off the bed. We woke to the sound a thud, and then a cry. We picked her up and all three of us proceeded to cry. She stopped within a couple of minutes, and was her usual happy self. We decided to take her to the emergency room just to have her checked out. They looked her over, and said she was fine. We were going to leave and she wanted to nurse, so I fed her and then she spit up once and then threw up some milk a second time. She has had a cold, and we think the congestion and drainage made her actually spit/throw up but just to be safe they decided to take a skull x-ray. She did not enjoy that. I had to hold her down so they could get the needed x-rays. All was clear, so we were able to go home. I think it was more traumatic for us, than it was for Flannery. Jeremy took some shots of her sitting on the bed with her little baby hospital gown on. We are just thankful to God that she is okay, and not hurt. One of our dear friends came to the hospital to check on us, and we are so grateful to him. Thank you Mike! As you can see in the photos she was happy as can be, and chewing on her Minnie.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow day

So last week we had a snow day here it Charlotte, and of course we had to take Flannery outside to play. She was so cute and kept trying to eat it!! Rocket enjoyed being outside in it as well. He even has a coat to boot.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Seven Months Old!

Flannery is so active! She is crawling/scooting all over the place. She is getting into things she doesn't need to be into as well. It's time to baby proof the house!!! She has five teeth, and boy do I know it! She is waking up more often in the night now. I am hoping that subsides very soon. She loves taking a bath!!! Now that she sits up so well it is so fun with her in the water. She loves all of her bath toys and loves to splash water everywhere. She is such a joy, and it's amazing to see all the new things that she likes to do and try everyday. She is now eating Graduate Puffs, Cheerios and Baby Goldfish. She is so cute using her little fingers to pick things up and put food in her mouth. Oh and she adores Rocket!!! Anytime he comes near her, her little sweet face lights up with huge smile and a squeal.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009