Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On Saturday Jeremy and I decided to take Flannery to the pool in our neighborhood. It was the first time this summer, and Flannery's first official "SWIM". She dipped her toes in the pool when we were in Tennessee, but she was all the way in on Saturday. She loves the water, and this time next year she will be a little fish! So, these pictures are when we were about to leave. She looked so cute that I couldn't resist some pictures. The first is a happy smile, and the second is a "MISS SERIOUS". haha.

She is doing so well, and growing so much. She squeals with delight when she is excited about something, and she will just talk and almost carry on a conversation with me sometimes!! I love it!! She was three months on Sunday, and she stayed with Daddy while I had to take a class for my Esthetician license. Jeremy did a wonderful job! He is such a wonderful Daddy. She loves him so much!!!


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Flannery is such a pretty little girl!