Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spit Up and Grandmother Mimzy

So you know the saying "like father, like son" well how about "like father, like daughter"!!!!!! Flannery decided to spit up and Jeremy received the brunt of her explosion on his chin, and she had the remaining dribbles on hers. I had to capture the moment because it was so hilarious to see their matching chins.

These are a couple of shots of my beautiful mother holding Flannery. She came to TN when I was there with the College girls so that she could get some Grandmother time with her little granddaughter. We had a wonderful time together!!!

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Becky said...

The picture of Flannery and Jeremy is great! :) I boy do I understand the saying "like Father, like daughter"! I get that a lot in my family! :)